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Donations and features! Empty Donations and features!

Post  c r i s s y on Wed Mar 25, 2009 2:52 pm

If you donate you wil recieve these features...

*Fire Cape (Don't Need To Beat Jad)
*Acess To.....4 New Membz Only Shops (Barrows,Zerker(45def shop),2 Memb Shops)
*Special Sign To Say Your A MEMBER
*Able To ::Yell

Wepons :
*Rune Def
*Dragon Def
*Statius Full Helm (NEW!)
*Vesta's Long Sword ( NEW!)
*Sara Sword
*All Masks,Phats (1gp)!
*special Sled
*Black (G/T) Arm
*Addy (G/T) Arm
*Rune (G/T) Arm
*Barrows Gloves

Donate Info : Donate At $1.50 You Will Recieve Every Feature
Donate At $1.70 U Will Also Recieve This Gear:
Donations and features! 15s0h9v
Donate At $2.10 U Will Recieve Max Cash Also!
Donations and features! 2efta9s


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